Friday, June 14, 2013

Rebirth, Changes, and Brief Overview of Upcoming Articles

A man walks onto the stage and heads towards the mic that is currently occupying the only space in the spotlight. Upon reaching the mic stand, he taps the head three times to hear the brief rapping play over the sound system. Everything is in order. The man peers out into the crowd, but cannot tell if how big the audience is due to the lighting of the venue. 'It doesn't matter if the place is packed, or if there's only one lost soul looking for something he wasn't sure he was seeking,' he thought. The man then cups both hands around the microphone, still held in place by the stand, takes a deep breath, and begins...

Hello again to those that are still here; it has been far too long. I just wanted to let you all know, quite possibly for the millionth time now, that I am re-starting this blog again. And this time, I mean it. Seriously, I feel it is time to discuss all that is good (and maybe even holy) in the rock music world, share our opinions with one another, and discover new favorite artists/tracks along the way.

I am currently in the process of drafting up several articles that I hope to have posted in the very near future. In terms of how these upcoming articles will be shaped/categorized as Nicotine & Rock is rebooted, I plan on having New Album Reviews (these will give a brief overview of the band, detailed info on each track, and an overall personal rating), Concert Experiences (these will discuss the performances, the setlists, and any info about meeting the bands I have from shows I attend, as well as include pictures and/or links to videos posted via YouTube when obtained), and Discussion Topics (these will essentially try and elicit some friendly debate and banter on a specific topic). I also plan on mentioning shows/tours that may be of interest, as well as noting several album releases prior to a New Album Review article.

Just an FYI of some featured pieces in the pipeline, in no particular order:
1.) New Album Review- Nahko and Medicine for the People
2.) New Album Review- Rogue Wave
3.) New Album Review- City & Colour
4.) New Album Review- Imaginary Cities
5.) Concert Experience- Nada Surf
6.) Concert Experience- Frightened Rabbit
7.) Concert Experience- He's My Brother She's My Sister
8.) Concert Experience- Hostage Calm
9.) Concert Experience- The Zambonis [UPCOMING SHOW]
10.) Concert Experience- Rogue Wave [UPCOMING SHOW]

In the meantime, recommended artists are listed up top in red. Stay tuned and happy listening.

"Well I'm here and you're here and it's true
There's a whole lot of walking to do
And you're cool, and I'm cool, and it's true
There's a whole lot of walking to do"


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