Wednesday, November 02, 2005

One Hell Of A Halloween

I went to the Thrice concert on Halloween night at starland. What a show! I saw Thrice once before on the Civic Tour with Dashboard Confessional last summer. They played a 45 min set, which seemed short. This time, they played an hour and a half. All the good stuff on Artist In The Ambulance was played although I am still pissed that they haven't played the normal version of "Stare At The Sun"- they did the acoustic version of it at both shows, and they didn't play "All That's Left". Thrice played brand new material as well as older classics.

Since it was Halloween, all four bands including their respective roadies, dressed up in costume. Veda came out as mummies. The Bled were cowboys and indians, being from the SW. Underoath came out as Slipknot- masks, jumpsuits, and even the garbage can drums for a short cover of "Duality". Thrice had the most original costume. It took me a couple of seconds to figure it out. Wearing light blue polo shirts, red ski caps, and light blue adidas athletic pants, they went on as Team Zissou from The Life Aquatic- very original. They also chucked out a bunch of red hats, but unfortunately neither my friends nor I got one. Definately a great way to spend Halloween.

On the previous Thursday, I saw Armor For Sleep at starland. It was the second time I did, and they rocked. It was even better than the other time.

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