Friday, April 29, 2005

The Decline of Media- Fuse and Y100

As most of you already know, most music entertainment is based on the crap that most braindead people listen to. MTV sucks, VH1 was never good, and now my beloved Fuse has started to turn more to the dark side. Fuse came out almost 2 years ago to replace the crappy network called Much Music which originated in Canada and migrated to the US. From these ruins a network was born- and started out as a full blown rock music network. Everytime I turned Fuse on, all I saw were great videos streaming across America, entertaining me and the other fans of the world. I don't exactly remember when, but sometime in their second year, the formatting of that network began to change for the worse. More crap began to air. Although Fuse is still about 85-90% or more rock, with Steven's Untitled Rock Show (now 1 hr), Rockzilla, Uranium, Power Fuse (4 or 5 hrs), and #1 Countdown-Rock, it is disheartening to me that a network that used to be 110% Rock would have to stoop to this level to gain more viewers.

I also don't know how many people are aware of this story, but the alternative rock radio station Y100 (100.3) in Philadelphia, which was popular in the Delaware Valley area, was thrown off the air for reasons that are illogical. Apparently the company Radio One took it over and left the people high and dry without a single Alternative Rock station. Well, they are fighting back- they made a website where you can sign a petition. They are looking for support and need your help. An online radio station was created by the people from Y100. Fortunately, I live where I can get K ROCK, G106.3, and jumbled WMMR, because if I where these people, I would probably be screwed and extremely pissed. to find out all about the story in detail and the petition. SPREAD THE WORD

If the trend of this decline in media of rock continues, the world will be a shittier, more angry place. It is up to us rock devotees to help out where we can and stop the destruction of our music.


Music and Safeguards

The music industry is becoming so worried about piracy, that they are installing a ridiculous amount of safeguards on the albums being sold to the public.

A WARNING:THIS CAN HAPPEN TO YOU-- On Tues April 26, I went out to Best Buy and bought the new Acceptance album Phantoms. I got back and popped on the computer and put the CD in. I then went to iTunes to upload it to my ipod and found out it didn't work. Starting to get pissed off, I then found out I needed to install a program from the CD just so it can be read on my machine. This first part took 10 min. The disc then allowed you to make 3 hard copies using their softaware and also upload the songs to digital tracks as a wmv file (this actually was a cool feature, BUT the only way I could listen to the tracks on the Windows Media Player.) This was about another 10 min. I then thought I would try iTunes again with the digital tracks, but the tracks could not be converted into a useable iTunes format-another 5 min. later. After crushing my drums for a couple of minutes, I looked to see if I can return the CD and so it turns out I can exchange it. I also had to buy the album of iTunes for it to work on my ipod.

The point is, music is not about the money, because if you are good enough, you will have fans actually go out and buy the album and spread the word. Stay on the road and do some tours and you will find out that you will make money. For bands and other crappy "pop" musicians who are in it for the money, I strongly urge you to re-evaluate your decision, but also watch the South Park episode with Cartman's Christian rock band Faith + One. It is directly aimed at you, and although I laughed my ass off, you might not. If you want, you can probably download it for free.

The music industry needs to think about the patrons. Albums should not be so safeguarded so that you need to digitally upload the tracks just to hear them on your computer, or have to purchase it twice (CD and iTunes) just to get it on an ipod and CD player. Rumors have circulated that this new safeguarding tool will be used on all albums shortly. And if it does, may the Lord have mercy on our souls.

BTW- The Acceptance album Phantoms was awesome. I encourage all Alternative Rock fans to go and check it out. To all Acceptance fans, it lives up to the expectations. On it they also re-recorded "Permanent" from Black Lines to Battlefields so the vocals are about the same, but the guitars, bass, and drums are more meatier than before.


Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Blog: Mission Statement and About The Blogger

It seems that currently, our society is in a phase where tabloid magazines, reality TV shows, and rap/hip-hop/or whatever the fuck you want to call it, dominate the so called "American culture." However, there is hope for the rest of us who HATE, with an intense passion, all of that crap. It's the solitude and escape that can only be found in rock music, good wholesome sitcoms, and sports (football, hockey, and baseball). Here on "Nicotine & Rock" we will talk about all styles of grade A- American rock music, and also the aforementioned; whatever the hell comes up. I am a drummer and guitarist and have gone to many kick ass shows. I am also a S.D.M.F. Anyone and everyone is welcome to give their opinion in this open forum, and I personally encourage it. We don't have to agree on stuff either (in case you were wondering). Also for the record I would also like to state that "I HATE RAP!!"

*A message to all rock musicians- BTW, people don't be afraid to ask others for tabs on stuff. I will try to assist on stuff I know, just ask.

**Another message for rock musicians- if you are releasing an album or playing a gig, just e-mail (address is under profile) me and I will try and put it on the site under whatever you are advertising (coming soon)

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