Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Overrated Bands

There are two bands which are super overrated. I feel it is my duty as a musician that I let everyone know.

The first band on my list is 311. What the !@#$ is so great about these guys. They blend in reggae, rap, and some rock and fuse it into their music. People I talk to like these guys, but truthfully they suck.

The next one is My Chemical Romance. I listen to these guys every once in awhile. Here's my problem with them. All there songs sound alike and they put too much distortion into their songs. Live performances I have heard are not that great because they overpower the vocals with the instruments so the end product is garbled sound. My Chemical Romance is listenable, but get very old, very fast. I would rather listen to The Used, better songs and variations, better live performances.


Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I Am In Awe--You Need To Check These Guys Out

Last week, my good friend told me to check out this band called BEDlight For BlueEYES on purevolume (the link is on the sidebar). So I did, and was amazed at what I heard. These guys from Berkeley Heights, NJ know what they are doing, and they are doing it well.

They have a very unique sound, one that I am particularly fond of. However, I have never heard it played out until now. Bedlight blends astounding vocals (the singer actually had a vocal scholarship to a prestigious Boston music school- bio from purevolume), to truly amazing guitaring. The end result is an album full of great songs. What makes them unique is the guitaring. Bedlight for blue eyes incorporates harmonious guitars into their music, which is Alternative Rock. This I have never heard done before, they are the pioneers. I give that two thumbs up because it sounds great.

The band has only been around for just under two years, and has received much acclaim from magazines such as AP (Alternative Press, a huge rock magazine), listing them with Green Day on a ranking. This was done with Bedlight putting out a three song demo. Check out purevolume for the full story. It just goes to show you that with hard work, determination, creativity, and talent, you can hit it big in under two years.

"The Dawn" was released today under NJ's Trustkill Records, and I bought it from iTunes because I got a bonus song. You can preview three new tracks, and download the demo ones, although, on the new album you get polished up versions of them, plus stuff not on purevolume.



Again, something happened and I had to miss one of the most coveted shows of the year. This year worked cut my plans short of going to see the Warped Tour, last year I left for vacation the day it came to NJ. Why am I always forsaken?

Monday, August 01, 2005

Draft Dodger

New information about one of the best musicians the world has ever seen was released yesterday. James Marshall Hendrix, better known as Jimi, escaped military service by pretending he was gay. He told military psychiatrists he was fantasizing about bunk mates and was in love with one of them. He was discharged in 1962 at the age of 19 from Fort Campbell, Kentucky. This new information was discovered by Charles Cross, Hendrix biographer, by uncovering medical records. The records show how Jimi was able to exploit the military's suspicions about his unconventional style to get discharged. Before this observation, people had believed Hendrix's story of breaking his ankle in a parachute jump (he was a paratrooper.)

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