Monday, September 25, 2006

Featured Artist- Toby Lightman

25 year old singer/songwriter Toby Lightman is N&R's featured artist. Her new album released on Atlantic Records on July 25, 2006, is Bird on a Wire. It is the follow up to her debut and compiles 13 songs, which blend acoustic/folk rock and R & B. Her record was given a 3 star review by USA Today.

To hear the track "My Sweet Song", just click the title.

For more info, you can check out her website- For those interested, I have her current tour dates, just leave a comment requesting them and I will post them up.


Sunday, September 24, 2006

New Artist and MP3 Link-- Coming Soon

For you readers out there, I have been sent a link featuring an mp3 from a new artist. If you like acoustic/alternative/folk rock, then you will like this artist. I will post up the link in an article as soon as I hear back- it will give background on this artist and other info. Stay tuned-- I should hear back during the week.


Monday, September 04, 2006


College rules!! I will probably post infrequently now [as if I haven't already]. This message would have come sooner, but it took over a day to get the internet to work. I hope to continue to visit some of the great sites still- Long Range, Beaks, Beamish's, etc.

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