Sunday, July 30, 2006


This is the slowest summer in music I can remember. There are no new albums out worth mentioning, so I'll revert to one that I haven't done. Stadium Arcadium by the great Red Hot Chili Peppers is a damn good double release. These guys still got great tracks in them as seen in virtually every single song on the 2 discs.

The only worth while concert this summer that I know of is Ozzfest. I will go on record as saying that this is probably "the greatest Ozzfest in the history of the show". This year, bands like Black Label Society [whose concert is like a religious awakening], Avenged Sevenfold [who puts on a great show], the stylings of the most insane speed metal band Dragonforce [check these guys out if you like speed metal at its finest], and plenty more.

New band of the month coming August 1.


Saturday, July 08, 2006

New Segment Of N&R

I think it is time I do an "Artist of the Month" thing. Every month I will pick a band either from my catalogue or new groups I find online at websites like [link on the side].

Thanks to Warren, we have an N&R Band of the Month. It will always be located at the top right above the profile.
For July 2006: 30 Seconds To Mars

Feedback is appreciated.

Works In Progress

Now that school is over, I have had some free time on my hands, some of which has been devoted to songwriting. I will try and tell you the experience of writing for all the instruments solo [this is the first time I have ever really done so; all others have been with at least one other person].

Being a drummer and guitarist, I tend to start a piece with the guitars because melody is much harder to compile than rhythm. I have had a lot of success with this so far to an extent. I have been in a musical phase- I like the acoustic songs right now and the two tracks I have been writing, while they are currently on an electrical guitar clean tone, would probably sound better as acoustic tracks. The problem is for each song I have parts on the guitar, only parts. They are good, but everything I have tried so far after to complete these tracks have been lackluster and too cliche. I also try to write music for two guitars- for one of these songs I have done so, and the other is fine without it [tip: harmony can always be added as needed].

I haven't tried the percussion on any so far, but I have ideas, one of which I will probably use when recording time comes. Bass, since I can't play well, will probably follow the guitar's root note, something I would like to avoid, but only time will tell if I can do what I hear in my head. Lyrics are impossible. You never really realize how good a well written song is until you actually try to write one yourself. This is the last thing I worry about.

If I ever finish these tracks, I will try and post them up on here.


Sunday, July 02, 2006

6 Words I Never Thought I'd Say

I like a "reality" TV show [I guess that is what I would catagorize this particular show under.] The network VH1 put out a show that they should be proud of. The show is none other than Super Group. The premise- its exactly as the name suggests: take 5 musicians from Rock and make a new super group.

The band members:
1.) Bass- Evan Seinfeld [Biohazard]
2.) Drums- Jason Bonham [son of Led Zeppelin legendary drummer John Bonham; many credits including Jimmy Page, Slash, solo works and more; see Wikipedia]
3.) Lead Guitar- Scott Ian [Anthrax]
4.) Lead Guitar- Ted Nugent [Ted Nugent]
5.) Vocals- Sebastian Bach [Skid Row]

Look at the list for a moment and ask yourself, "How can this not be a super group?"

Anyway, the band had to prepare for a show in Vegas [which is where the show was] in 12 days. The 5 members also had to deal with making a name- they decided on Damnocracy [FIST and G-d War were scrapped]. The songs they chose to perform were almost all covers- each of the members' bands were represented by at least one song ['Stranglehold', 'Cat Scratch Fever', 'Youth Gone Mad', 'Punishment', and others]. Damnocracy also did covers of other classic bands such as AC/DC ['Sin City' and 'T.N.T.'] and Motorhead ['Ace of Spades'] in addition to one original track entitled 'Take It Back'. I just saw the last episode and the show fuckin rocked. I wish I was there. Bonham was really damn good on drums [I was surprised because I had never heard him before]. The Nuge- I knew he was good, but I did not know he was fuckin awesome. Everyone of them was great.

The good news is Damnocracy has continued to play music after the VH1 show and hopefully we will see a record and tour by those guys. If you missed this show and are a fan of Rock "History In The Making", then check for reruns of online.

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